OT: Prof. Randy Pausch’s lecture in Oprah show

In the past, I have wondered about discussing personal thoughts in this blog. The answer in my mind was NO and I ve been focusing only on technical topics till date. However, there is a change of mind, thanks to my friend Manoj.

Thanks to him, I happened to see Prof. Randy Pausch’s brief 10 minute lecture in Oprah show. The contents of video is very powerful and motivated me to have a rethink. Please find the YouTube video embedded below.

For the full 76 minute video of the lecture in Carnegie Mellon University, please click the link below.
Prof Randy Pausch’s lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

Further links: Prof. Randy Pausch’s website

Update: Prof. Randy Pausch passed away on July 25th 2008.


Ps. OT : Off Topic (In case you did not know)

One thought on “OT: Prof. Randy Pausch’s lecture in Oprah show

  1. I have to say , this was a very motivational speech. Appreciate your recommendation.

    Also wanted to thank you for your blog, it has been very very helpful as I work toward achieving my dreams.


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