Happy Birthday – dspLog

An important milestone for the dspLog happened on Oct 21st 2008. On this day last year, the blog migrated from the Blogger platform to the independently hosted platform at www.dsplog.com ! Belated birthday wishes for the blog!!! 🙂

Looking back, the first year was satisfying – both in terms of contents and traffic. We started off by discussing symbol error rates for various modulation schemes in AWGN. slowed moved tobit error rates, then to OFDM, multipath channel and recently towards multi-antenna schemes. The traffic slowly gorwed and now we have around 300+ subscribers.

Given that signal processing for communications is a vast area, we have lots and lots of topics which we have not touched. God willing, the exploration of the unknown and the learnings will give us the energy to publish for the next one year and more. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – dspLog

  1. Hi

    I am doing my research in MIMO capacity and antenna selection algorithms.
    I found some of the matlab programs very intresting.

    Happy birthday and happy new year to all the members.

    with regards

  2. Happy birthday,
    dsplog is a great blog where everyone the area of communication can get the best idea. However dsplog still need to grow and post more topics per month.

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