Migration to Who’s Who theme

After a gap of around 7 months, we decided to migrate to a new template (recall, last time we changed was in May 2008). The template which we decided to use  is designed by Elegant Themes. They have a wide array of themes and I chose to use the Who’s Who theme.

Some of the key changes to look forward are:

(a) We have a logo! I used the blank black gif file which came along with the template and worked on it for 30 minutes using Gimp. Hope you like the result. 🙂

(b) Provision for nested comments. Following the responses to your comments might have got a bit easier.

(c) The Categories is listed a blue bar on the top of the page. Enables easier navigation for a new visitor.

(d) Each post has a Share option at the top of the post. Enables a user to submit the article to a social bookmarking site, if he/she chooses to.

(e) The post ratings moved to top of the post.

(f) The Google FriendConnect widget is moved to bottom of the page. Saves screen real estate.

(g) The archives listed as a drop down menu rather than a big list. Saves screen real estate.

Hope you like the new look and feel of the blog. Kindly do share your feedback.


There are some features which I am yet to enable in the new template. Hope to do so in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Migration to Who’s Who theme

  1. all articles on dsplog is very helpful for study. theory given in articles gives better knowledge about topic and students can also realize the codes given with article.
    i would like to say very thanks to writer for this tremendous job. one suggestion is provide the simple uploading facility also so that more important topics can also distributed to students by experts.
    thank you.
    -Praveen Pawar
    (Mtech Digital Communication)

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