OT: Migration to a Deep Blue template

After almost 6 months with the Smashing Theme template, its time for a change. Recently I stumbled upon the Deep Blue template from DailyBlogTips. I liked the clean blue-green-white combination and and felt it might be a good fit for www.dsplog.com. Hope you agree.

One key feature which I like is addition of tag cloud in the sidebar. Hopefully navigating to the relevant posts became simpler. Have a look around.

Of course, your valuable comments and criticism are welcome. 🙂

One thought on “OT: Migration to a Deep Blue template

  1. i want to program the concepts that i am learning to understand better but i cant start i turn completely blank when i open the command window … i read your programs also but there are many things that dont make sense to me … kindly help i shall be very thankful to you

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