Summary – feedback on [dspLog], July 2008

On July30th, 2008 I had sent a request for feedback to 93 subscribers who have opted to receive articles over email. As on 3rd August, I received the response from around 8 persons. Not bad, around 8.5% response. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will summarize the response from the group and note down the action items on me.

Best in [dspLog]

The majority of the people (6) found the theoretical description to be the most useful and around 3 people found the Matlab/Octave code to be the most useful. A comment came from Mr. Eddie Maalouf who suggested that we should start encourage user participation where other engineers can help to solve technical problems etc.

Worst in [dspLog]

Two persons did not like the template and two persons felt that the theoretical description could have been made more simpler. There was also a comment that we are repeating the theoretical aspects and not going into solving problems.

Suggested topics to be covered in [dspLog]

Two persons suggested that more posts on receiver synchronization needs to be added. Two were of the opinion that more posts on OFDM and channel coding needs to be present. In general, most people commented that they wish to see more articles on the topics like MIMO, CDMA, IEEE 802.11a, 802.16, Bluetooth etc.

Frequency of posting in [dspLog]

Around 5 people were suggesting the once a week and around 2 responders were happy with once every two weeks.


Need to have a community for sharing and discussing.

Summary and Action Items

1. Build a community enabling the members to express their ideas/queries and the group can share their feedback. Couple of ways of forming the community will be

  • Build a forum in [dspLog]
  • Use some of the available social networking sites like FaceBook, Orkut etc

I think through and update you. In the meanwhile, you can continue asking your questions via comments and/or email. If the queries are relevant, I will post both the question and my response as an individual post and solicit feedback from the group.

2. Write more posts on receiver synchronization.

3. Discuss building blocks in various specifications like IEEE 802.11a, 802.16, Bluetooth etc.

4. I will stick to the current template for at least the next 3-4 months (last changed in May).

5. I am happy that the group is fine with the 1 post per week cycle. However, I will try and increase to two posts per week.

Once again, thanks a lot for your feedback. If you have any more comments, kindly do let me know.

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