LaTex on blogger not working?

I noticed that the scripts provided from for writing equations on blogger stopped working.

The address of the public mimeTEX server is changed to /cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi? from Thursday, March15 2007.

1. Right click the GreaseMonkey icon on the bottom right corner of the FireFox window. (Don’t have Firefox? Download from here).

2. Go to ‘Manage user script’ and uninstall ‘LaTex for Blogger’ script.

3. Download the script file latexforblogger.user.jsscript from to the desktop.

4. Open the file in any text editor. Search for and replace that text with /cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi?

5. Save the file and drag it to a FireFox window to install. Thats it!

For modifying an existing blogger post with content, edit the post in HTML mode. Do the search and replace mentioned in step4. Preview the post and hopefully, the rendering should be up and running with the equations back in the blog as desired.

Hope it is useful.

4 thoughts on “LaTex on blogger not working?

    1. @watchman: Thanks for the link. Infact, I have migrated to wordpress and am also rendering equations on the blog thanks to Mr. John Forkosh. While browsing through your site, I also saw your post on Latex on WordPress
      How are you doing that? Is it still using Mr. Forkosh’s CGI script? Where can I find the plugin?

      1. Hi, yes I made a new latex plugin for wordpress based on Mr.Forkosh mathtex.cgi script. I will post about the installation procedure this week or maybe next week. The plugin (of course) only works for a self hosted wordpress blog. Just subscribe to my rss blog if you don’t want to miss this installation procedure.

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